Sizing Help

Always measure before you order!

Important Sizing Information

  • Measure carefully before you buy.
  • Never guess your size.
  • You will probably wear a different size in formal wear than you do in your everyday clothing.
  • Bra size is not your bust measurement.
  • If you are unsure, have a professional seamstress take your measurements.
  • Plan on alterations for a perfect fit.
  • If you are in between sizes, go with the larger size.  It is easier to take in a dress rather than let it out.

How to Measure

Measure over your undergarments and hold the tailor’s tape measure comfortably loose.
(Vinyl tailor's tapes are available, for example, at Wal-Mart for around .97 cents in the craft dept.)
Bust - Measure around the fullest part of your bust line, keeping the tape even around you. Not too tight! (You can use your back bra strap as a guide.) Be aware that wearing no bra versus a strapless or regular bra can make quite a difference in measurements. A girl who wears a 34A bra will have a much different bust measurement that a girl who wears a 34D! We recommend, if possible, that you wear the undergarment that you will be wearing for your event when taking measurements. If this is not possible, then wear a bra that fits well.
Waist - Measure your natural waistline, typically the smallest part of your waist.  A good guide is to measure where your body bends as if leaning to the side, approximately where your belly button is. Make sure you're not holding your stomach in while you take the measurement. Leave one finger under the measuring tape so that the tape can be moved. You want the dress to fit comfortably around the waist.
Hip - Measure the fullest part of your hips.  Approximately 7"-9" below your waistline.

How do I choose the correct size?  We have a size chart on each page for you to view.  Please take measurements and follow the chart.  Please understand that these are special occasion dresses and it is the rare woman who can order a dress and have it fit perfectly.  Most people will need some type of alterations even if it is just a simple hemming.  It is always better to go a little bigger and have it altered down.  This will save you the trouble of an exchange, restocking fee etc.  Please check with your local seamstresses to get an idea of the charges before placing your order.  This will eliminate any surprises.  We are not responsible for sizing errors on the customer’s part. Our adult dresses are made to a standard length (usually right around 60”) All others will need to be hemmed.  Note:  Just because you wear, for example, a size 10 does NOT mean that you will automatically wear a size 10 in formal wear. ALL makers size their dresses differently.
Choose the size that covers ALL THREE of your measurements and then alter down where necessary.

Lastly, PLEASE don’t get upset if you wear a larger size than anticipated. This is formal wear; it’s expected. It’s just a tag – rip it out if it offends thee. 

We cannot stress enough just how important it is to take accurate measurements and compare them to the size chart for that particular item.